Are you ready to see your favorite Pokémon in a whole new light? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most sexual Pokémon that will surely make you do a double-take! From seductive moves to suggestive designs, these pocket monsters are anything but innocent. Get ready to blush as we dive into the world of erotic Pokémon and discover which ones made our top 5 list!


Gyarados may seem like an unlikely candidate for this list, but hear me out. This serpentine Pokémon has a long and flexible body that it can use to perform some pretty suggestive moves in battle. Its signature move, Dragon Dance, involves gyrating its hips to increase its attack and speed stats.

But let’s not forget about Gyarados’ design – those sleek curves and sharp edges give it a dangerous yet alluring appearance. Plus, the shiny variant of Gyarados is bright red, adding to its fiery and passionate vibe.

And who could forget about James’ infamous line from the Pokémon anime: “That’s right! My Magikarp evolved into a Gyarados…and then you came along and turned my world upside down with your destructive rampage!”

Gyarados may not be the first Pokémon that comes to mind when you think of sexuality, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list.


Lilligant is a Grass-type Pokémon that was first introduced in the fifth generation of the franchise. It has a very feminine appearance, with its flower-like design and long green hair. Lilligant’s eyes are always closed, giving it an alluring and mysterious look.

One of Lilligant’s signature moves is “Teeter Dance,” which causes confusion to any opposing Pokémon nearby. This move can be interpreted as a seductive dance that hypnotizes other creatures into feeling dizzy and disoriented.

Aside from Teeter Dance, Lilligant also has access to several status moves that can raise its own stats while lowering those of the opponent. This ability to manipulate battles using charm and graceful movements makes Lilligant quite unique among other Pokémon.

Lilligant may not have overtly sexual characteristics like some others on this list, but its elegant demeanor and strategic battle style make it deserving of recognition for its subtle sensuality.


Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon that first appeared in the third generation of games. Although its design was inspired by traditional Victorian dresses, there’s no denying the fact that Gardevoir has some rather suggestive features.

For one, its humanoid shape and curvaceous body make it stand out among other Pokémon. Its long flowing gown and delicate hands give it an air of elegance, while its piercing gaze can be both alluring and intimidating at the same time.

But what really adds to Gardevoir’s sexual appeal is how it interacts with its trainer. In various media adaptations, Gardevoir is often portrayed as being fiercely loyal to whoever catches it. It will go to great lengths to protect them from harm or danger, including sacrificing itself if necessary.

This undying loyalty could easily be interpreted as devotion or even love – making Gardevoir a popular choice for fanfiction and artwork that depict romantic relationships between humans and their Pokémon partners.

Whether you view Gardevoir as sexual or not ultimately comes down to personal interpretation. But there’s no denying that this graceful creature has captured the hearts (and perhaps more) of many fans over the years!


Houndoom is a Dark/Fire type Pokémon that resembles a black dog with red eyes and devilish horns. Its overall design oozes sex appeal, from the smooth curves of its body to the suggestive shape of its tail.

But it’s not just about looks when it comes to Houndoom. This Pokémon has some serious power behind it, boasting high Attack and Special Attack stats that make it a formidable opponent in battles.

Houndoom also has an interesting ability called Flash Fire, which makes it immune to Fire-type moves while boosting the power of its own Fire-type attacks. This ability can really come in handy during intense battles.

Houndoom is not only one of the most sexual-looking Pokémon out there, but also one with impressive battle skills. It’s no wonder why trainers are drawn to this fiery canine creature.


Zoroark is a Dark-type Pokémon that made its first appearance in the fifth generation of the franchise. This fox-like creature may not seem like one of the most sexual Pokémon at first glance, but many fans have pointed out its seductive features.

One of Zoroark’s most alluring traits is its illusion ability, which allows it to take on the appearance of other creatures or even people. This power makes it an expert at deception and manipulation, skills that could certainly be considered attractive in certain contexts.

Moreover, Zoroark’s sleek and slender design accentuates its agility and grace during battle. Its sharp claws and piercing eyes only add to its overall allure in combat situations.

Despite not being immediately recognizable as a “sexy” Pokémon, Zoroark’s cunning nature combined with its physical prowess make it deserving of a spot on this list.

Other Pokémon that could have made the list

While Gyarados, Lilligant, Gardevoir, Houndoom and Zoroark may be the most sexual Pokémon out there, there are still a few honorable mentions that could have made the list.

First up is Pikachu. While this adorable electric mouse may not immediately come to mind when thinking of sexual Pokémon, it’s hard to deny the sensual undertones in its design. From those pointy ears to that lightning-shaped tail – you can’t tell me you don’t see it!

Next on our list is Eevee. This cute little creature has been a fan favorite for years with its ability to evolve into different forms. But let’s focus on its base form for now: big round eyes, fluffy fur and an all-around innocent appearance… or is it?

Sylveon is another Pokémon that deserves a mention here. Its feminine features and ribbony appendages give off some serious BDSM vibes (not judging). Plus, Sylveon’s Fairy-type moveset includes Charm and Attract – which speaks volumes about its seductive powers.

Gardevoir also makes another appearance on this list because honestly, how could we leave it out? With long flowing locks resembling a wedding dress train and curves in all the right places – Gardevoir belongs in any discussion about sexy Pokémon.

Last but certainly not least is Milotic. This serpent-like Water-type has been called “the most beautiful Pokémon” by many fans thanks to its unique design elements such as those mesmerizing scales and stunning coloration.

So while these five didn’t quite make our top 5 for sexual Pokemon – they definitely deserve some recognition for their sultry designs!


Pikachu is the most iconic and recognizable Pokémon out there. With its cute appearance and playful personality, it has won over the hearts of millions of fans all around the world. But did you know that Pikachu also has a bit of a sexual side?

While Pikachu may seem innocent at first glance, some fans have pointed out its tail’s resemblance to a certain male body part. Additionally, Pikachu’s electrifying abilities could be seen as an allegory for sexual energy.

Despite these suggestive interpretations, it’s important to remember that Pokémon was created as a family-friendly franchise. Any sexual undertones are likely unintentional or simply the product of overactive imaginations.

Regardless, Pikachu remains one of the most beloved and popular Pokémon in existence. Its charm and appeal transcend any potential controversy or scandalous rumors surrounding its design.

In conclusion (oops!), while there may be some debate about Pikachu’s supposed sexuality, we can all agree that this little electric mouse holds a special place in our hearts – no matter how you interpret its tail!


Eevee is a popular Pokémon that has been around since the first generation of games. It’s known for its ability to evolve into different types of Pokémon, making it a versatile choice for trainers. But what makes Eevee sexual?

Firstly, Eevee’s cute and innocent appearance can be deceiving. The round ears and big eyes make it look vulnerable and in need of protection. This can appeal to those who have a nurturing side.

Secondly, the fact that Eevee can evolve into different types adds an element of excitement and unpredictability. It’s like playing with fire – you never know which form you’ll end up with.

There are certain fan-made depictions of Eevee that push the boundaries of appropriateness. These images focus on Eevee’s curves and sensual features, taking it from innocent to erotic.

While Eevee may not be inherently sexualized by the creators of Pokemon, fans have found ways to interpret it in a more provocative light.


Sylveon may look cute and innocent, but don’t be fooled, this Pokémon is also quite seductive. Its elegant and graceful movements are reminiscent of a dancer, making it hard to take your eyes off of it.

Sylveon’s ribbon-like feelers add an extra touch of sensuality to its appearance. They seem to move effortlessly with the slightest breeze or movement, almost like they’re teasing you.

It’s not just Sylveon’s physical appearance that makes it one of the most sexual Pokémon out there. In battle, Sylveon can use its charm ability to distract and confuse opponents, making them vulnerable for attack.

But perhaps what really sets Sylveon apart from other sexually charged Pokémon is its close relationship with its trainer. It has been said that when bonded with a trainer who truly cares for it, Sylveon becomes even more powerful and in sync with their emotions.

All in all, while some may underestimate the allure of Sylveon, those who know better will appreciate the subtle yet undeniable sexuality this creature possesses.


Gardevoir is a psychic/fairy-type Pokémon known for its elegance and grace in battle. However, it’s also been the subject of controversy due to its suggestive appearance.

Gardevoir’s humanoid shape and flowing dress-like body have led some fans to view it as a sexualized character. Its Pokédex entries even mention how it will do anything to protect its trainer, adding to the allure of its loyalty.

Despite this controversy, many fans appreciate Gardevoir for its powerful moveset and strategic potential in battles. It has access to moves like Psychic, Moonblast, and Calm Mind that make it a formidable opponent.

Additionally, Gardevoir has appeared prominently in various Pokémon media such as the anime and video games. Its popularity among fans has allowed it to become one of the most recognizable Pokémon from Generation III.

Regardless of how one may view Gardevoir’s design or characterization, there’s no denying that this elegant Pokémon holds a special place in many trainers’ hearts.


And there you have it! The top 5 most sexual Pokémon. While some may argue that these interpretations are just in the eye of the beholder, it’s hard to deny that these particular creatures possess certain features and characteristics that lend themselves to a more sensual reading.

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive – there are plenty of other Pokémon out there who could give our top 5 a run for their money in terms of suggestive qualities. Pikachu’s cute and cuddly exterior has certainly led to its fair share of fan fiction, while Eevee and Sylveon’s evolutions have spawned their own NSFW subculture.

But ultimately, we think Milotic deserves an honorable mention here. With its long, flowing body and seductive eyes, this Water type has been known to inspire all sorts of fantasies among Pokémon fans (not to mention its ability to create illusions!). Whether or not you agree with our picks for the most sexual Pokémon out there, one thing’s for sure: when it comes to arousing imaginations around the world, these pocket monsters definitely know how to make an impact.