Amazon Responds To Release Of Leaked Documents Showing 150% Annual Employee Turnover

The amazon release of confidential information about a company’s activities, products, services or employees can create a crisis for organizations by damaging—or further damaging—their credibility, image, and reputation.

When those documents are leaked, it’s a crisis management best practice for companies to tell their side of the story. Amazon has done just that in response to the release of confidential information about its high rate of employee attrition and other matters.

The issues raised by the leaked documents cast a spotlight on important aspects of today’s workplace and how business leaders respond to them—or should—so that they do not create a crisis for their businesses.

‘The Documents Paint A Bleak Picture’

Endgadget received and was the first to report last week details about leaked confidential Amazon documents that were prepared earlier this year. Endgadget said the information showed that the online retailer has an annual employee turnover rate of 150%—double the industry average—costing the company and its shareholders $8 billion annually. Click Here

The materials, “which include several internal research papers, slide decks and spreadsheets, paint a bleak picture of Amazon’s ability to retain employees and how the current strategy may be financially harmful to the organization as a whole,” according to the news outlet.

The documents “also broadly condemn Amazon for not adequately using or tracking data in its efforts to train and promote employees, an ironic shortcoming for a company [that] has a reputation for obsessively harvesting consumer information,” Endgadget wrote.

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