A presentation is a composition of multiple elements, each of which plays a very important role in making it great. Elements can include colors, fonts, texts, images, icon, etc. 

Content is King;’ however, graphics and icons play a role at par with content, as they make the content easily understandable for the viewers. Especially in professional presentations, it becomes extremely difficult for the audience to absorb an endless amount of information. Icons act as a catalyst by offering visual information that could help them comprehend the presentation better. 

Here are a few ways how icons can level up your presentations: 

  • Simplify Text 

Icons are a great way to describe or symbolize functions when the presentation becomes text-heavy. They help the presentation become readable and more effective because a visual interpretation of action helps them not to lose focus. Icons can be used to reinforce the content in a visual manner, which is likely to make the presentation less monotonous. 

For example, using an ‘alert icon’ to show the precautions that have to be taken in a particular task will be an effective approach as it will immediately alarm the viewers and help them remember the message that the presenter wishes to send across. 

  • Convey Unsaid Emotions 

Text and regular content can prima facie seem boring. Icons can add an emotional edge to the text. A real-life example of this can be seen as we continue to use emojis or emoticons to send a message and convey messages without even using any words. 

Icons also help narrate the presentation as a ‘story’ by visually representing each step. For example, using the victory icon to show the roadmap to growth in the company might instill a sense of enthusiasm within the audience, which is most likely impossible to be solely obtained by text. 

  • Add a Creative Element to the Presentation 

Icons can add a sense of aesthetics, style, and creativity to your presentation. However, it has to be ensured that icons are in sync with the overall theme of the presentation and are not too informal. 

Most people still believe that presentations have to be just informative, lengthy, and text-heavy. But, using icons can give your presentation the ‘wow factor’ that it needs. 

  • Make the Presentation Memorable 

Icons can help grab the attention of the audience at the drop of a hat. More than that, they can truly have a ‘hold’ over the audience as visual designs are usually more retentive than text. Icons can be used as a mechanism to surprise the audience and keep them interested. 


Creating icons can seem like a daunting task; hence, you can use pre-designed icons for PowerPoint and Google Slides that can be completely customized according to your needs. 

While adding and incorporating icons in a presentation may look like tasks that can be ignored, the results that can be obtained from such icons are massive. Icons, when used correctly, can enhance readability and visual impact. On the other hand, when used incorrectly, it can lead to distractions and confusion. So, we suggest you use icons wisely to reap the maximum benefits that these visual aids can bring in!